Acero Narrow Crowns

Acero Narrow Crowns were developed to address the challenges of restoring primary first molars with large interproximal caries.

Acero Narrow Crowns maintain all the desirable traits of our popular XT and 3S molar crowns but with a 12% reduction in mesial-distal width to compensate for the space loss due to mesial drift of the 2nd primary molar.

  • Half the price of other leading brands
  • Laser-etched sizes (autoclave-proof = less waste!)
  • Surgical-grade 316L U.S. stainless steel
  • Made in the U.S. by veterans
  • 12% reduction in mesial-distal width
  • Preformed and pre-contoured to prevent microgaps

Acero Narrow Details

Steel Grade316L Grade
NumberingLaser Etched
CrimpedCervical Margin
PreformedLife-like Height

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