Acero Narrow Crowns Starter Kit (Exclusive)


  • Includes crowns for teeth: B, I, L, S
  • Crown sizes 2-7 (2 each of the 10 most popular sizes, 1 each of all others)
  • 34 crowns total
  • Professional storage tray with labels
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Acero Narrow Crowns were developed to address the challenges of restoring primary first molars with large interproximal caries. The starter kit is a great way to experience the difference that a narrow crown can make. These crowns maintain all the desirable traits of our popular XT and 3S molar crowns but with a 12% reduction in mesial-distal width to compensate for the space loss due to mesial drift of the 2nd primary molar. It’s the perfect solution to treat large class 2 caries when you’re tight on space! Try the narrow for yourself and see the difference.