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The highest compliment you can give us is by referring one of your colleagues. For each referred colleague who becomes a KidzCrowns customer, we would be delighted to send both of you a case of Avanti Whitening Kits to distribute as you please.

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Effective Results

Avanti Smile delivers effective results without tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

Receive outstanding light-activated whitening results without the additional hassle of bulky light devices, wires or batteries.

Photodynamic Teeth Cleaning

Avanti Smile is the only dentist-approved whitening system that uses a light activated tray instead of an external light source.


No wires or batteries needed! Natural light works best, but any type of light will do.

Light-Activated Mouth Tray:

The photodynamic tray glows bright blue when placed in the mouth. This vibrant light acts as a catalyst for rapid whitening results.

Pretreatment Solution:

This secret sauce cleans and adjust the enamel’s acidity, prepping teeth for optimal whitening results.

Whitening Gel:

With less than 1% peroxide, this solution is EFFECTIVE and causes nearly zero sensitivity to teeth and gums.