About Us

The KidzCrowns Story:

KidzCrowns was started when a privately-owned group of high-production dental offices reevaluated their supply chain. The group was purchasing over 10,000 pediatric crowns per month, and two entrepreneurial members had an idea: to create their own line of high-quality crowns with lower price points. So they researched production costs, designed their ideal pediatric crown and produced their first line, the Acero XT. After phenomenal success with the XT, KidzCrowns added the Acero 3S posterior crown, the Acero ES white resin-covered stainless-steel crown and now the Acero Narrow crown — the next generation in pediatric crowns.

  • Half the price of other leading brands
  • 100% compatible and interchangeable with the leading brands
  • Made in the U.S. by veterans
  • Laser-etched sizes (autoclave-proof = less waste!)
  • Surgical-grade 316L U.S. stainless steel
  • Preformed and pre-contoured to prevent microgaps

KidzCrowns is a b2d Marketing® Company

Our Advantages


Flat Rate Shipping in Contiguous US


Interchangeable in size with the leading brand Acero 3S


Crowns sold across
North America


Thousands of satisfied dentists helping kids smile


Made in USA
by US Veterans


KidsCrowns 3S crowns are completely interchangeable with all of the other leading brands.

Nope! The KidzCrowns 3S organizational tray can house your existing stock right along with your KidzCrowns 3S crowns.

We sell our crowns by the bag. There are five (5) crowns in each bag. Prices start as low as $17.09 per bag. It's simple. The more you order, the more you save.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can.

No. KidzCrowns 3S and ES White sizes are Laser-etched so they won't wash off—even when autoclaved. You can use a browning to polish off the sizing.

What dentists are saying...

KidzCrowns Crowns are used by dentists across the USA and Canada. Here's what they have to say:

Great job, guys!

We have been using Acero Crowns for the last two years and could not be happier! The fit of the crowns is great, and the quality is excellent. Furthermore, the customer service is amazing. Communication is key to success, and it is great to know that we have a vendor that responds quickly and effectively to emails/phone calls and can help us navigate through any issues. I would definitely recommend Acero Crowns not only for the product itself, but for the people who stand behind the product.

Dr. William Pena


My favorite thing is that they are more affordable than the other products out there. The durability is excellent, and they are also easier to use. My assistants, especially the newer ones, love the numbering system, and we know how important it is to keep them happy. I would absolutely recommend Acero Crowns to anyone who practices pediatric dentistry.

Russell Choy


I went to a dental conference years ago when Acero just started. I liked the thickness and make of their crowns so I got a starter kit to try. Since then these are the only crowns I’ll buy. The quality is far superior than other makers. Our pediatric practice places thousands of crowns a year and Acero crowns hold up better than the competitors brand. Can’t wait to try the new anterior crowns. The quality and price can’t be beat!

Dr. Conway Jensen DDS

Board Certified Pediatric dentist

I switched to Acero crowns because I found that the Acero crown was equal to 3M ion ni-chro crown and 44% less. When Medicaid is reducing the reimbursement amount, I had to look for similar quality supplies that were less.

Bruce Howell DDS

Provo, UT

We switched due to price; ½ of what we were paying. We stayed due to the quality. Didn’t know about the fact they are made by Veterans but makes it even better. My 3M rep told me he would, “match the Acero price”. I told him; “No, if you could have done it, you should have 10 years ago.

Boyd Simkins DDS

Ogden, UT